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Are you a mover and shaker? Do you see opportunities when they arise? Or do you wait to see what everyone else is doing first? What if there was a way of getting in on the ground floor of a

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Are Network Marketers Really This Dumb?

by louabbott on August 30, 2012 Final thoughts and important lessons on the closing of ZeekRewards From time to time a subscriber to this site will post a comment something like this, “Why all this talk about pyramids and Ponzi’s

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Ramblings Of A Tired Lawyer, or Where Have All The Products Gone?

by louabbott on August 29, 2012 In this article, MLM attorney Gerry Nehra explains one of the first and most important aspects to a network marketing or MLM program for it to pass legal scrutiny and laments the seeming decreasing

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Beware of Mannatech

DO NOT TRUST MANNATECH! I used to run health & business teleseminars and physical open seminars and trainings across Australia and New Zealand with full authority of and publicity by Mannatech. Mannatech does not follow it’s own policies and precedures.

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Something’s Brewing – Is The MLM Industry Ready For A New Coffee MLM Company?

Something’s brewing in the MLM industry…and it’s a new coffee MLM company. When considering a new MLM company there are a few key factors that will dictate whether or not a company will make it through prelaunch! With new companies

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Build Your MLM Opt-In Page in 5 Easy Steps

Source: Better Networker – Written by Angela Chavez on Apr 11, 2011 9:18 am You know an opt-in list is critical for your network marketing success, but do you know how to go about building a page that will capture

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Melaleuca Loses Important Ruling in Idaho

About Time! Victory for the Distributors against the bullying tactics of the MLM companies. They attempt tp get away with this because they have ‘deeper pockets’ and more expensive lawyers. They do it till  you give in, go bankrupt or

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Amway agrees to pay $56 million, settle case alleging it operates a ‘pyramid scheme’

Amway agrees to pay $56 million, settle case alleging it operates a ‘pyramid scheme’ Source: Mlive.com Update: Lawyers say their $20 million payment is fair for $100 million settlement in Amway pyramid scheme lawsuit ADA TOWNSHIP — Amway this morning

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Networking and Personality Types

Download the Personalities Colour Chart to read along with this post. Thanks to Stephen Hemsley for putting this info together. As the business of network marketing is all about relationships I thought the attached documents may help you understand a

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The Old Machine Seems to be Broken – Robert Kiyosaki

Here’s a great perennial question answered beautifully by Robert Q: “How critical is it in this new economy to stop relying on an employer for their financial security?” A: “I would suggest that is essential. A capitalist like me will

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