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Finally! Epigenetics is coming into the mainstream of science & medicine.

Epigenetics explains the relationship between your genes and your lifestyle. How you can make or break your life by what you do.

The epigenome can turn genes in DNA on or off. (iStockphoto: cosmin4000 )

The epigenome can turn genes in DNA on or off. (iStockphoto: cosmin4000 )

I have been teaching this for nearly 20 years but even doctors have argued with me.

Now the science backs ME up. Not them.

Good genes treated badly => sickness & disease
Poor genes treated well => health & wellness

Diet, nutrition and even sleep can change your disease states. Yes, what you do and how  you live (lifestyle and choices) can make you sick and die early. But it can even reverse diseases. Here’s the proof, finally!

Quote: “The human genome is the blueprint for building an individual person. The epigenome can be thought of as the cross-outs and underlinings of that blueprint: if someone’s genome contains DNA associated with cancer but that DNA is “crossed out” by molecules in the epigenome, for example, the DNA is unlikely to lead to cancer.”

Researchers unveiled the map of the ‘epigenome’ in the journal Nature today, along with nearly two dozen related papers.

Read the news on abc.net.au

Nature Journal Article: Integrative analysis of 111 reference human epigenomes

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On 26 Jan 2015 Port Macquarie NSW got a torrential downpour. Since the surf was a disaster the local bodyboarders took to the mud on Windmill Hill.

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Kitesurfing on Lake Cathie NSW with Glenn Bolton & Brett Ray. 19 Jan 2015

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caution-bitcoin-aheadThe world’s first Bitcoin forum, The Global Digital Currency Conversation Forum, is set to take place in Brisbane this week. It coincides with the G20 Summit Forum on Digital Currency and a Senate Inquiry into Bitcoin regulation. Bitcoin is making considerable waves in the finance sector.


A collage of photos from the KiteSurfari Fiji in July 2014

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Documentary of a week of kitesurfing/kiteboarding at Safari Lodge on Nananui-Ra Island Fiji – July 2014.

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Glenn Bolton and Brett Ray, Kiteboarding at Lake Cathie NSW, 20 Sept 2014.

Lake Cathie entrance only “works” in a SSE to ESE and the area to kite in is very small. You also have to watch out for kids and others using the water (like fishermen). Thankfully the people usuallyleave when the wind picks up.

Sorry this is only low res 360. Something happens when you combine iPhone and GoPro footage and kills the editor. Will sort this out for the next ones.

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Glenn, Guy & Erin venture out into 3m seas and 20+kn southerly at Middle Rock, Lake Cathie NSW. Heaps of chaos but lots of fun.

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