My personal adrenalin sports are kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing and snowboarding.

I like to travel, including camping and trekking, so I have been to some exotic locations including Alaska, Nepal, Mexico, Fiji and Sri Lanka.

Almost anything outdoors gets my interest.

I have always been interested in photography and videography so you will see a lot of photos an videos of my sports. I carry a GoPro camera on my helmet most if the time in case something interesting happens but for variation I am always looking for a different angle on the action like the tip of a mast or the strut of a kite.

I hope you will get a little of the buzz that I get while doing them.

Here’s just a few sample photos to whet your appetite. Visit my photography and videography sections for more.

Glenn Kite 5
Glenn Surf 2
Glenn Surf 4
Glenn Kite 2

I make marketing videos for a few projects too. Check the Wealth section.