Something’s Brewing – Is The MLM Industry Ready For A New Coffee MLM Company?

Something’s brewing in the MLM industry…and it’s a new coffee MLM company. When considering a new MLM company there are a few key factors that will dictate whether or not a company will make it through prelaunch! With new companies popping up every other day, the product you choose to sell to make money from home and build a residual income is just as important as the timing, the compensation plan and the leadership of that company. It’s surprising that there are not more coffee MLM companies with the success of coffee giants such as Starbucks and the likes!

Why Coffee is the Perfect MLM Product?

Coffee is the second most consumed drink after water and the second most traded commodity on the planet. Coffee sales account for a $100+ billion global market and 400 million cups are consumed daily in the USA alone! That’s 150 million people averaging 2-3 cups per day.

So why is coffee a perfect fit for the home based business industry? A new coffee MLM company is easy to talk about. It’s not like describing a vitamin where you have to explain the difference between a B6 and a B12. Coffee is simple, it’s easy, it’s easy to duplicate, it’s consumed globally and it’s not discretionary. Coffee is a product that is already being consumed by the masses and if you’ve checked out what Starbucks has been able to do, charge upwards of $5 bucks for one cup, we all know that it is in high demand!

Coffee with a Twist

People drink coffee black, with cream and sugar or with a splash of caramel and a dollop of whipped cream on top. There are a million and one ways to drink coffee so why not drink coffee that is healthy? Savvy entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the coffee craze giving hungry home based business owners a way to generate an income on a product that most people drink anyways. They are creating unique coffee products that give the drinker a good tasting, gourmet cup while infusing herbs and other natural ingredients that promote alertness and mental clarity, enhance memory and provide extra energy.

When we wake up in the morning and begin our day, isn’t that what we want out of a good cup of coffee anyways!

Why not reward people for drinking a beverage they are going to be consuming every morning regardless of if they are getting paid to drink it or not. That is the true test of a great MLM product. Would you still consume it, would you still buy it, would you still tell your friends about it, even if there was not a compensation plan attached? If the answer is yes, then you’ve got yourself a winning product and a winning MLM business opportunity.

The home based business industry is ready for a new coffee MLM company. As long as people around the world continue to consume this beverage, providing healthier and better tasting coffee products that can money in your pockets will always be an attractive opportunity.

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