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I live in Port Macquarie (on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia). Having lived in Sydney’s Northern Beaches most of my life, I never thought that I would like it so much here. The pace of things is slower and much more in alignment with my values.

Here I can earn an income and keep in contact with anyone, anywhere in the world, using the latest technology, some of which I have developed and deployed for others.

Living in an idyllic location does not stop me from traveling. I still love to travel, mainly to places which support my lifestyle.

Trius Technology

Trius Technology is my registered business name, encompassing all of my business interests. I work for myself, online business coaching, teaching people how to make a passive income online. I build environmental protection and sustainability systems, develop web technology, build websites and online marketing systems for direct & network marketing (MLM) organizations.

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Online Business Coaching

I consult as a Top Tier Business Coach and Consultant for a number of online marketing companies catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs. They offer a large selection of online training products, services, live training events and exclusive masterminds to help you along your business journey.

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Website Development & Online Marketing

Now anyone can add this functionality for pennies compared to what it used to cost just a few years ago. I use WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and simple page builders (like Elementor) to make website design and updates quick and easy. I integrate these sites with my SupaClix systems to communicate directly with customers. This system has been perfected over the last 10 years, using them on a number of high level projects. If you are interested in discussing a marketing, communications, blogs or a shopping system for yourself or your business, then contact me right away. I am always available for the right projects.

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Affiliate & Network Marketing

Children are making money on the internet. Why aren’t you? I am a strong advocate for affiliate and network marketing, however you have to connect with the right companies and people otherwise you can get seriously screwed. With my Seven Pillars of Business I can show you how to pick a good company and product so you don’t have to take years to find out what to do and (more importantly) what NOT to do!

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

I am also interested in health & wellness and have been a keynote speaker and wellness educator, touring Australia and New Zealand with a number of experts. For over 6 years I hosted a weekly wellness conference call (interviewing wellness experts from all over the world). Talk to me if you want to learn how to maintain the best of health or get your health back in order if it is already compromised. Some of my friends and associates are world leaders in their fields of expertise. Read my Seven Pillars of Wellness for an overview how to achieve the best of health.

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Generating Passive Income

Are you interested in generating a full-time income from part-time effort? Well I sure am. With your health and finances under control you can afford to spend time doing all those other things you always wanted to, like travel, learn a new language, renovate a house or work for a charity. I work with a number of talented individuals and companies. We can show you how to retire in just a few years (or even months if you take the fast track), with perpetual income… not in 40 years like a regular job where you are just exchanging time for money. Don’t put it off… Contact me NOW!

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My Sporting Lifestyle

I make time to enjoy windsurfing, surfing, kiteboarding and snowboarding. Anything outdoors gets my interest. I have always been interested in photography and videography so take a look at some of my videos. I hope you will get a little of the buzz that I get while doing them.

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