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Original Article from Lou Abbot of MLM The Whole Truth The news behind the August 17th SEC closure of Zeek Rewards was the worst news for our industry that I have seen in my now 15 year career as a …

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by louabbott on August 30, 2012 Final thoughts and important lessons on the closing of ZeekRewards From time to time a subscriber to this site will post a comment something like this, “Why all this talk about pyramids and Ponzi’s …

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Late July 2012… I was called by a ‘really good friend’ who wanted me to join ZeekRewards.com (Zeek) as a way to make ‘easy money’ and that they had calculated a compound formula that would double my money every so …

SEC Shuts Down Zeek Rewards – $600 Million Online Pyramid and Ponzi Scheme Read More »

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There comes a time when we are all sucked into a scam of some sort. Unfortunately we are occasionally conned by the (apparently) valid arguments. Our interest allows us to click away to learn of the amazing money makeing “schems” …

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Source: SiteProNews.com – 17/05/2011 Merriam-Webster defines a myth as “a usually traditional story of ostensibly historical events that serves to unfold part of the world view of a people or explain a practice, belief, or natural phenomenon.” It’s been said …

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Source: itNews Comment: Don’t fall for dodgy ‘support’ calls. On Friday I experienced first-hand the methods by which scammers are attempting to dupe Australians into paying for software to remotely “fix” computers that just ain’t broke. The call came through …

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Amway agrees to pay $56 million, settle case alleging it operates a ‘pyramid scheme’ Source: Mlive.com Update: Lawyers say their $20 million payment is fair for $100 million settlement in Amway pyramid scheme lawsuit ADA TOWNSHIP — Amway this morning …

Amway agrees to pay $56 million, settle case alleging it operates a ‘pyramid scheme’ Read More »

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Got this one today… If YOU get something like this (especially if it is unsolicited) then DELETE IT and don NOT click any links. It is PHISHING for your passwords. (I have broken the links in this example for your …

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There is a Welcome to YouTube (confirmation) email going around that sends people to a bogus site (http:// sonda. co. kr / index2.html  – do not click it if you are unprotected) which has nothing to do with YouTube. Everything else …

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Legal discussion on What Defines a Pyramid Scheme. 100305-DRA-legal

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