8-min video showing some of the harmful effects associated with cell phones and relating them to cigarettes. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4uz2TUcwnI[/youtube] Source: www.MagdaHavas.com What are you going to do now? Watch how the rouleaux (stacking of the red blood cells) can be reduced or even eliminated with a simple spray in the mouth. (purchase) Purchase an EMR Reducing Opal BioPendant, BioChip or Pulse8 from Trius Technology

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This week marked yet another milestone in the internet becoming mobile, when the five billionth mobile subscription added to the count, largely thanks to emerging markets like India and China. According to Ericsson estimates, based on industry information, the five billionth subscription was added on 8 July. In the year 2000, about 720 million people had mobile subscriptions, less than the amount of users China, alone, …

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Source: Natural News Most people are familiar with type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes, but did you know researchers have discovered a third type of diabetes? Type-3 diabetes, as they are calling it, affects people who are extra sensitive to electrical devices that emit “dirty” electricity. Type-3 diabetics actually experience spikes in blood sugar and an increased heart rate when exposed to electrical pollution (“electropollution”) from …

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Apple presents the new iPhone 4 with FaceTime, permitting video calling. The iPhone 4 features a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and HD video recording. The 3.5 inch Retina display has 960 x 640 pixels resulting in sharper, smoother and more realistic text, images and video. The iPhone 4 is only 9.3mm thick, and the new 5 megapixel autofocus camera with a 5x digital …

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A 4G Wireless World The world of wireless and mobile communications is on the verge of a new revolution–a 4G wireless broadband revolution. But the blazing super fast speed offered by 4G systems (100Mbps and faster) is not the “Che Guevara” in the revolutionary world of 4G technology. Companies that produce content running at 4G speeds are the future of mobile communications. Think of it …

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During 2008-09, Australians continued to demonstrate their thirst for flexible communications. Take-up continued across a range of platforms and technologies, with the use of 3G mobile and wireless broadband services growing by 162%. At the same time, general internet use continues to grow and diversify strongly, with Australians downloading ever-increasing amounts of data and more people going online for business and personal transactions. These are …

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SAN FRANCISCO – Every cell phone sold in San Francisco could soon come with a label detailing the level of radiation you will be exposed to by using it and recommending a headset to avoid radiation exposure. If a proposal endorsed Monday by the Commission on the Environment’s policy committee – and preliminarily supported by the mayor – moves forward, not only would consumers be …

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