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Last month, something remarkable occurred. A US government panel stood up and pointed out the link between environmental toxins and cancer. Wow… what were they thinking? (smirk & tongue firmly in cheek) I have been saying this for years. How …

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Doctors and Nurses Love to Inject by Mark Sircus Parents around the world need to stop bringing their children in to pediatric doctors except for broken bones and stitches and such because the chances are high that these doctors will …

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Here’s a great perennial question answered beautifully by Robert Q: “How critical is it in this new economy to stop relying on an employer for their financial security?” A: “I would suggest that is essential. A capitalist like me will …

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Once-doubtful users can easily be swayed to virtual desktop infrastructure’s (VDI) myriad benefits, if the technology is presented to them the right way. The aim is to make VDI as good for users as physical desktops or even better.

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