Build Your MLM Opt-In Page in 5 Easy Steps

Source: Better Networker – Written by Angela Chavez on Apr 11, 2011 9:18 am

You know an opt-in list is critical for your network marketing success, but do you know how to go about building a page that will capture your visitor’s contact information? If you get this wrong, you may receive visitors to your opt-in page, but if they leave without giving you their contact information, you will lose the chance to gain their contact information.

I am going to let you in on how simple it is to build an effective lead generating webpage. There are five steps involved. Before we get started, I want you to understand that your opt-page is not about you or your business. It is for one thing only and that is to capture your visitor’s name and email address so that you can build a relationship of trust with your prospect.

The secret to building an opt-in page that will get the results you want, is to always keep in mind that your prospect will not sign up unless you are providing them with a reason to do so. Not any free gift will do, you will need to offer something that will provide a solution to a challenge your visitor is currently pondering.
Every potential prospect will want to know what’s in it for them when they sign up for your free offer.

The five steps I am about to reveal to you is a proven formula. Don’t skip any of these steps and don’t add any unnecessary information. This is the formula used by the pros, and if you follow these steps you will quickly build a list of prospects who will be begging you to contact them.

1. The Headline
The headline is the most critical part of your opt-in page. Your visitor will quickly scan your headline before reading the rest of your page. If your headling does not grab your potential prospect’s attention, then you will not gain their contact information. It is often helpful to ask a simple question above the headline that is related to your product and the solution you are providing your visitor. Do not rush through this step.

2. The Main Text
Once you have your attention getting headline in place, the next step is to develop the main text of your opt-in page. This is not a sales page, so be sure to keep the information short and concise. You will be summarizing what your prospect will gain once they hand over to you their contact information. The main content only needs to be a small paragraph or two and will give some of the benefits your prospect will receive once they sign up. Leave out factual information and focus instead on appealing to your visitor’s emotions. What challenges are they facing and how will signing up for your free offer help them solve their problems?

3. The Form
You will need an autoresponder account such as Aweber or GetResponse. Your autoresponder account will provide you with an opt-in form you can use to capture your visitor’s name and email address. Your autoresponder account will also provide you with instructions on how to set up the form on your web page. This is easier to do that it sounds, in most cases you will be simply using a copy and paste method.

4. Call To Action
Once you have your headline, body content and form in place, the next step will be to create a strong call to action. You need to let your visitor know what you want them to do. An example of a call to action would be, “Claim Your Free Report Now”. Avoid having the words “subscribe”, “join” or “submit”, these words are not as effective. You want to give your prospect a sense of urgency such as ” Only 30 left, hurry to secure your copy”.

5. Privacy Statement
An important step not to skip is the privacy statement. You need to assure your potential subscriber that you will not abuse their personal information. This will build credibility. A simple statement such as” I hate SPAM as much as you do and will never sell,, rent or give away your contact information.”

There you have it, five steps for developing a lead generating opt-in page for your network marketing home business. Follow these instructions and you will have your own list of MLM prospects in not time.