Networking and Personality Types

Download the Personalities Colour Chart to read along with this post.

Thanks to Stephen Hemsley for putting this info together.

As the business of network marketing is all about relationships I thought the attached documents may help you understand a good way to approach people about your opportunity.

The personality types document refers to real state but it applies to ALL businesses where people are involved. For this to work you will have to know the person fairly well and help you be able to better serve them.

People will always be a rainbow of these colours or personalities, but you will see one that will probably be the dominant colour/type and be able to asses the way you speak to them, what you send them via e-mail and how they may potentially respond.

Keep it personal, tell your story so far via the phone or e-mail and with this knowledge of what makes them tick, you may be able to help them see the benefits that joining your opportunity has to offer.

  1. Yellow/Nurturer personalities will want to know your story, what you think about your business and any results you may have had. Without many stories to share about the products, your best story is to share how many have joined your team, how long you have been in the team, the great help from your upline, how supportive the team is that they are joining and the giving part of the compensation plan. A lot of time spent on the phone is usual with these type but they are great talkers and an asset to your team. They are 35% of the population and good networkers. Maybe not so good on the computer.
  2. Green/Analytical personalities will want to see your company website,  compensation plan and any other piece of information that is floating around. They will probably want to be on the conference calls but only to listen, and notes are always useful to share with them. Just give them the information and let them decide in their own time. You may think they need too much information but when they are in the system, they are very good networkers. They usually have great computer skills but people skills are a bit underdeveloped. They are 35% of the population.
  3. Blue/Expressive personalities will want to have fun. They are very intuitive and will be very keen if they know you will help them with the details. They are interested in the BIG picture and will LOVE the GIVE/charity part of your website. Maybe take their details and put them into the system as they may not do it themselves. They are the life and energy of your team and make up 15% of the po pulation.
  4. Red/Driver personalities will be impressed with the web site and see the professionalism. They will like the cars, the trips and the recognition. They will not need much more information than this and will run with it in their own style if the timing is right. They are very determined to succeed so do NOT get in their way. They are 15% of the population.

This is just a quick overview and may help you realise that there is much more to being successful than just “winging” it. The better you get at understanding people, the better results you will have in life, so do not just use it for your business.