BubbaHere’s a short version of my technical life. A lot happened in the gaps but this summary is a good primer for those who might be interested.

I have always been fascinated by technology. My mum called me the “Little Inventor” and a friend nicknamed me “Mr Gadget” and my car the “Toy Shop“.

I took up photography when I was about 8 years old then videography in my late teens. I quickly learned that they are a combo of technology, art & creativity. It appeared I had a little of each so it was fun, exciting and challenging.

Comp3While in my final year of school I worked in a recording studio (Point Five) as a “gopher”, making the audio tracks for TV and radio advertisements. I soon moved upstairs to the video studio (Video Point Five) where we made test adverts for TV.

I did a few years with ABC TV and ABC Radio in my early 20’s and then on to audio and PA installations with Rank Audio.

Being trained as an electrical engineer, I then moved into Biomedical Engineering with Neomedix. Here I developed my passion for health and wellness. After seeing how bad life became once you lost your health, “Don’t Ever Get Sick” became one of my life mantras.

A stint with Microsoft, then Binary Engineering and PC Assemblies furthered my technical experience.

smartfone_logo_faceI found the Internet while working at Microsoft. That’s where I found my technical passion.

I was one of the early adopters.

What could I do with it?

My inner entrepreneur was fired up!

I eventually started my own businesses in VoIP (MySmartFone) and website development (MySmartWebsite).

supaclix-logoBuilding on this knowledge and experience and all I had learned in Network Marketing I created the online funnel marketing system called SupaClix.

This is where I now focus my technical attention. Helping network marketers get massive marketing leverage. More time for the lifestyle which I so madly adore.

I still continue to look at, and play with, new and exciting technology.

I probably always will.

Who knows what it might bring?