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Nutrition More Important than Exercise for Weight Loss, Suggests Study

(NaturalNews) Women who rely on exercise to lose weight are destined to fail, so says a study that appears in the Journal of American Medical Association. Researchers found that exercise alone was useful in maintaining the weight for women, but it had no effect on heavier women.
The study analysed almost 35,000 […] Continue reading

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Healthy Sleep Cycles Balance Hormones and Burn Fat

Source: NaturalNews It is no secret that our society struggles with weight loss resistance. Researchers at John Hopkins University estimate that by the year 2015 over 75% of Americans will be overweight with a staggering 41% being obese. Many people

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Notebook loss more disappointing than weight gain for half of Australians

Over half (58%) of Australians would prefer to gain ten kilograms than lose their laptop, according to new research from Sony Australia. The survey, commissioned by Sony Australia, reveals how integral computers have become to everyday life. According to the

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Seaweed could hold key to natural weight loss

Scientists at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom have discovered a substance that reduces fat uptake in the body by more than 75 percent. This potential obesity fighter isn’t a drug but a natural substance found in seaweed. The research

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Average Calorie Intake Increased 25% Since 1970

The USDA estimates that since 1970, average daily calorie intake in the U.S. has increased by nearly 25 percent. And we aren’t the only ones with more food on our plates. Cornell University researchers examined 52 of the most well

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Obesity: Trouble is Caused by Eating Quickly

Have you ever been told to eat your food slowly? Parents often encourage their children to eat at a moderate rate and chew their food completely. It turns out that this is good advice. Recent research, conducted by three independent

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