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Another great day of 15 – 20 knots Southerly at Harrington NSW. 25 Jan 2014

Pity there was only me (Glenn), Adam Easter and Glynn Merritt so the footage is mostly of me. 🙁

This time I had a mount for my GoPro camera on the front of the board looking back. I have since made a clamp for the clew of my boom and another for top of the mast, a view looking down. Can’t wait for shots from that one!

I am now looking into getting another GoPro (or two) so I can get multiple simultaneous camera angles.

What next after that? A quadracopter for aerial shots? Hmmm…

Fun is watersports and GoPro cameras!

And thanx to the new www.YouTube.com/audiolibrary for all the free music.

(C) 2014 – GlennBolton.com

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An inspiring new way to think about being socially responsible.

Charities should find a new business model if they want to succeed.

Spend more to make even more. Profit share leaves a much larger amount even though the costs are far greater.

I believe CCN has cracked it to provide more funds to help the rainforests.

Here’s my first video shot with my new GoPro camera. More to come.


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Men and women succeed because they take pains to succeed. Industry and patience are almost genius; and successful people are often more distinguished for resolution and perseverance than for unusual gifts. They make determination and unity of purpose supply the place … Continue reading

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Source: ABC ScienceSleep deprivation

Stephen Pincock : ABC

The experimental conditions mimic what many people experience on a regular basis (Source: BrianAJackson/iStockphoto)

Sleep deprivation affects hundreds of genes involved with inflammation, immunity and cells’ response to stress, British researchers have found.

The findings might help explain why some people who do not get enough sleep have an increased risk for obesity, heart disease and cognitive impairment.

Sleep expert Derk-Jan Dijk and colleagues from the University of Surrey took whole-blood RNA samples from 26 participants after they had spent a week sleeping 8.5 hours a night, and the same participants after a week of sleeping for just 5.7 hours.

The expression of genes in blood offers a view into what is happening in other organs of the body, including the brain and liver, which are more difficult to test repeatedly, the authors note.

After each week, ten blood samples were taken from each participant at three-hourly intervals, during a period of total sleep deprivation that helped the researchers control the effects of light, activity and food on gene expression.

The experimental conditions mimic what many people experience on a regular basis, the researchers note in their article.

“According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, 30 per cent of civilian adults in the United States report an average sleep duration of six hours or less.”

Comparing the two sets of samples, the researchers found that 444 genes were down-regulated after the sleepless week, and 267 were up-regulated.

Their study appears in the latest issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Genes related to circadian rhythms, metabolism, inflammation, immune response and stress were all affected by the experiment.

“The identified biological processes may be involved with the negative effects of sleep loss on health,” the researchers say.

Window to biological mechanisms

The results “contribute to the developing evidence that poor or insufficient sleep is a health risk,” comments Australian sleep researcher John Trinder from the University of Melbourne.

The new findings also open a window into the mechanisms that underpin the harmful effects of sleep deprivation, notes sleep researcher Andrew Vakulin from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in Sydney.

“It’s a snapshot of what’s going on,” he says. “It’s summarising what’s getting turned off and on and gives us the ability to look at things much more closely now.”

The new study also offers scientists avenues for studying why different individuals are more susceptible to the consequences of sleep deprivation, says Vakulin.

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Disclaimer: This is information for your education and not advice to purchase anything. I am not an investment adviser so do your own due diligence on whether or not you choose to purchase IQD from ANY source. I (Glenn Bolton) do not recommend ANY financial instrument or make any financial or other gain from you purchasing IQD from any source.

Three BH group founders have been indicted for Fraudulent activities.

A federal grand jury returned an 83-count indictment charging three men from the Toledo area and a Florida man for their roles in the operation of a $24 million fraud scheme involving the sale of Iraqi dinar currency and two non-existent hedge funds, said Steven M. Dettelbach, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, and Darryl Williams, Special Agent in Charge, IRS-Criminal Investigation, Cincinnati field office.

Those charged are: Bradford L. Huebner, 65, of Ottawa Hills, Ohio; Rudolph M. Coenen, age 47, of Jacksonville, Florida; Charles N. Emmenecker, 65, of Sylvania, Ohio, and Michael L. Teadt, 66, of Maumee, Ohio.

More Information




My Take On This

I have mentioned the BH Group (relating to the Iraqi Dinar – IQD) here on my blog a few times in the past. It seems that they were not what they said they were and now the feds have caught up with them.

Aside from telling the story of the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar, it appears they have also been running some financial hedge fund scams.

Sounds like they made up and exaggerated a few things…

I stopped listening to all the IQD stuff more than a year ago as there are now an overwhelming number of scammers and hellraisers spreading tons of rumors.

As I have always said…

Don’t believe everything you hear (or read on the internet).

Don’t get caught up in hype. It might all sound great but do your homework before you commit to anything that could have lasting implications.

Most people have an agenda of some kind (especially the religious zealots).

Look after yourself, your friends and your family.

Live, Learn, Love, Laugh & Leave a Legacy. Have an “L” of a good time.


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Original Article from Lou Abbot of MLM The Whole Truth

The news behind the August 17th SEC closure of Zeek Rewards was the worst news for our industry that I have seen in my now 15 year career as a Network Marketing professional.

Let’s at least all learn some lessons from the events. I invite you to consider two new posts at the site:

Are network marketers really this dumb?
This is my rant – sure to offend some, so I apologize in advance – but this has been part of my mission for years now.

Ramblings Of A Tired Lawyer, or Where Have All The Products Gone?
An important legal lament from a prominent attorney specializing in our industry.

As always, I encourage you to post your helpful, respectful and thoughtful comments – even if they disagree with me – at the end of the posts.

The road to an improved profession is paved by first increasing knowledge of what’s good and what not in our industry.

Tried and True Sayings

Just because someone says it is legal does not make it legal.

Look before you leap.

Don’t get greedy.

A REAL Business

Review The Seven Pillars of Business to make sure the opportunity you are looking at is a real business with real products or services (and not something made up to make money) so it can really create passive income.

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by louabbott on August 30, 2012

Final thoughts and important lessons on the closing of ZeekRewards

From time to time a subscriber to this site will post a comment something like this, “Why all this talk about pyramids and Ponzi’s on your site? Everyone knows the difference!”

Ponzi schemes are illegal… Well, obviously NOT!

And it contributes significantly to the single largest challenge that all network marketers face. I will explain the challenge in just a bit.

But first . . .

Look at this recent headline and article that ran all over the financial news and blogs:

“How can 1 million people be this dumb?”

…Continue Reading on MLM The Whole Truth

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by louabbott on August 29, 2012

In this article, MLM attorney Gerry Nehra explains one of the first and most important aspects to a network marketing or MLM program for it to pass legal scrutiny and laments the seeming decreasing percentage of the good plans. 

Please take the time to understand it and follow his advice.

by Gerald P. Nehra, Attorney-at-Law

I am tired of the wrong idea for starting a company – and I do not mean “To make money.” That will always be at the core of a new company launch. But how will the company make money? By selling something. Great. That is also proper planning. Something people want and are willing to pay for. We are still on the right track. But now the train is about to get derailed.

What do people want the most? A way to make lots of money with little effort. So we will sell them a way to do that! WRONG – TILT – STOP! Start over. Income opportunities CANNOT be sold. A company that is in business to provide income opportunities CANNOT survive. Distributors who believe their mission is to provide income opportunities to everyone they come in contact with, and who will sign the always ready application, CANNOT, long term, survive. Products or services that no one will buy, unless an income opportunity is attached, DO NOT a company make. Let me explain.

…Continue Reading on MLM The Whole Truth

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