Speed Sailing at Harrington NSW 25 Jan 2014

Speed Sailing at Harrington NSW 25 Jan 2014

Another great day of 15 – 20 knots Southerly at Harrington NSW. 25 Jan 2014

Pity there was only me (Glenn), Adam Easter and Glynn Merritt so the footage is mostly of me. 🙁

This time I had a mount for my GoPro camera on the front of the board looking back. I have since made a clamp for the clew of my boom and another for top of the mast, a view looking down. Can’t wait for shots from that one!

I am now looking into getting another GoPro (or two) so I can get multiple simultaneous camera angles.

What next after that? A quadracopter for aerial shots? Hmmm…

Fun is watersports and GoPro cameras!

And thanx to the new www.YouTube.com/audiolibrary for all the free music.

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