The Story of Cosmetics

Source: NaturalNews

A new animation video from The Story of Stuff Project, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Free Range Studios deals a devastating blow to the chemical industry with a straightforward, hard-hitting and entertaining look at the toxicity of cosmetics and personal care products.

Narrated by Annie Leonard, who also narrated the hugely popular Story of Stuff animations, this new cosmetics animation takes aim at the toxic cosmetics industry, exposing how many popular brand-name products contain cancer causing chemicals.


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Talking about shampoo products, Annie says, “Pantene contains a chemical linked to cancer. And lots of other products in my bathroom, from sunscreen to lipstick and even baby shampoo, also contain chemicals linked to cancer or other problems like learning disabilities, asthma and even damaged sperm.”

The animation goes on to explain the aggregate toxic burden of personal care products on the lives of everyday consumers:

“The average woman in the U.S. uses about twelve personal care products daily… each product containing a dozen or more chemicals. Less than 20 percent of the chemicals used in cosmetics have been assessed for safety by the industry safety panel, so we just don’t know what they do to us when we use them.”

“It’s like a giant experiment,” Annie continues. “We’re using all these mystery chemicals and just waiting to see what happens… The FDA doesn’t even assess the safety of personal care products or their ingredients… they don’t even require that all the ingredients be listed on the label!”

Why telling the truth threatens Big Business in America

Annie has done a great job with The Story of Cosmetics. The information presented in this video is unusually blunt for someone who has achieved mainstream popularity and recognition in the popular press.

The video takes direct aim at Herbal Essences shampoo from Proctor & Gamble (the company I consider to be the Monsanto of the body care industry), saying, “This is Proctor & Gamble. They’re the ones offering me Herbal Essences, the number two shampoo in the country. It contains toxic petrochemicals made from oil. Since when is oil an herb?”

Astonishingly, Annie even takes aim at the bogus pink ribbon breast cancer fundraising scam by showing an image of an Estee Lauder product with a pink ribbon on the package. She says, “Ooh, here’s Estee Lauder offering me a chance to help find a cure for breast cancer. That’s nice, but wait… they’re also using chemicals linked to cancer! Don’t you think the best way for Estee Lauder to fight cancer is to stop using those chemicals in the first place?”

Sounds like Annie has been reading NaturalNews, eh? Good for her! In fact, if you just read the script of the video, you might think it was written by NaturalNews. It’s the kind of information we’ve been putting out for years. Similarly, the Organic Consumers Association ( has been leading the charge on organic body care labeling reform, and experts like Dr. Samuel Epstein ( has been on the march even longer, attempting to warn Americans about the toxicity of cosmetics and personal care products for over a decade.

Now with this Story of Cosmetics, Annie Leonard has joined the ranks of those who ruffle the feathers of big industry. You can now expect a massive assault on Annie from privately-contracted hackers, social network spammers, flamers, character assault specialists and other muckrakers who are secretly hired by the corporations who stand to lose big if Annie’s message results in new regulation. Welcome to the club, Annie: In America, telling the truth always gets you in trouble. Especially if you tell the sort of truth that protects the People from the toxic chemicals promoted by Big Business.

I wonder if Annie will someday do a video called The Story of Chemotherapy and expose the scam of the cancer industry, too? That would be beyond hilarious…

How about The Story of Fluoride and the mass poisoning of the water supply with a toxic, cancer-causing chemical?

Or even better, The Story of Psychiatric Drugging of Children which exposes the mass chemical poisoning of our children with psych drugs. That story, of course, is already being told over at CCHR ( through other videos.

I don’t know if Annie Leonard has the courage to go after these industries, but she’s shown some real backbone in attacking the toxic personal care industries, that’s for sure. Give her credit where it’s due: She’s managed to find an entertaining, mass-media way to tell the truth about toxic personal care products, and she’s getting good traction with the mainstream media on this issue, too. For that, she deserves a medal or something. But instead of a medal, she’ll probably get raked over the coals by the chemical industry goons. If there’s one thing Big Business can’t stand in America, it’s someone telling people the truth that exposes industry lies.

Exposing the lies of the toxic chemical industries in America comes with a very heavy price. Yet it remains the most important task we can all pursue right now because to take back our health, we must all speak out and dare to tell the truth about the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and vaccines that are killing us all and destroying the future of life on our planet.

Good job, Annie. Keep up the great work. (And don’t forget to duck.)