Research Reveals the New Age Digital Home

New research from Telstra shows that internet access along with food and heating are the three things Australians would least like to spend a day without.

“The average Australian household has entered a new age of online connectivity,” said Telstra Executive Director Consumer, Ms Rebekah O’Flaherty.

“Telstra’s research reveals more than half of all households now feature four or more types of internet enabled devices -from wireless laptops to smartphones.”

Telstra’s research also revealed:

  • Half of Melbourne households have more than four types of internet enabled devices, followed by Sydney (44%), Perth (43%), Adelaide (42%) and Brisbane (42%).
  • One in five (23%) Australian households regularly use more than four internet-enabled devices at the same time.
  • Almost a quarter of Australian men (24%) would rather go without food, heating or their TV and mobile phone than give up their internet access; (Women 19%)
  • Surprisingly, older Australians (65yrs+) report having the most home PCs (88% vs 72% among 18 -24 year olds). In comparison, younger Australians are more likely use a laptop in the home (88% vs 53% among people aged 65yrs+).

Source: Telstra