LiveSmart 360 Mist Live Blood Analysis Video

10 Minute Video That Will Change Lives

Initial Live Blood Trials of the LiveSmart 360 Mist by Awaken Total Health on 8th of July, 2010 at Nu-Look Biologics, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.


Some of Greg Frederick’s comments in the video.

“Oh my god…”
“I can’t believe that… ”
“That’s impossible… “
“I am totally amazed…”
“I’ve never seen anything that can change blood in 2 minutes…”
“That’s technology beyond anything I have seen before…”
“That could be quite a lifesaver for a lot of people…”
“Fibrin has gone as well,. How is that possible?”
“I am impressed.. WOW!”

360mist-live-blood-st-before 360mist-live-blood-st-after-med
Live Blood Analysis – BEFORE (med | large) Live Blood Analysis – AFTER (med | large)

Why is the presence of Rouleaux so important?

Rouleaux is a non-specific indicator of the presence of disease. (Wikipedia)

Rouleaux (singular is rouleau) are stacks of red blood cells (RBCs) which form because of the unique discoid shape of the cells in vertebrate body. The flat surface of the discoid RBCs give them a large surface area to make contact and stick to each other; thus, forming a rouleau. They occur when the plasma protein concentration is high, and because of them the ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) is also increased.

Source: ShamanaTara

2 Comments on “LiveSmart 360 Mist Live Blood Analysis Video

  1. We see the identical effect with Kakadu Juice where the RBCs separate from just a single dose. It is good to know that there are so many good products out there.

    Keep up the great work. Our health depends on it.

    • Yes, There’s a number of ways that RBC’s can separate. Eating alkalizing foods and waterd can also do this, but it usually takes time. The additional benefit of Kakadu is it contains a number of fantastic nutirents for even more benefit. A combination of both would be spectacular!