Kakadu Juice – her dad wants 3 more bottles

Here’s a great feel-good story from Debbie Denis…

About 2 weeks ago I had a woman in her 60’s contact me about Kakadu Juice. Her elderly father is suffering from a parathyroid condition which puts Calcium into the bloodstream and if not operated on will eventually affect his kidneys. His specialist was trying to get him to take sustagen and the like as he was too weak to operate on and his daughter said he was really depressed and didn’t care anymore which was upsetting her to no end.

After discussions she came to Cherikoff’s to sign up as a member and collect 2 bottles from me, she was desperate and was willing to give anything a go.

She rang me this morning as she wanted 3 more bottles, apparently her Dad loves it. When she asks him now how he is feeling, instead of getting ” It doesn’t matter, I will be dead tomorrow’, she now gets “not bad, not bad at all”.

He no longer shuffles along the floor when he walks (which is much more often). He has a lot more energy and is in a much better head space.

He is to see his specialist in a week so she intends to rave about Kakadu Juice at that time.

It’s stories like these that I personally have been on the receiving end of, that make me more and more determined to get product awareness out there.

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1 Comment on “Kakadu Juice – her dad wants 3 more bottles

  1. Hi Glenn,

    I have an update on the feel good story.

    The lady I spoke of is actually 71 – I couldn’t believe it when she told me, so goodness knows how old Dad is.

    Dad has since been back to his specialist who was amazed at how good he was looking and at the change in his attitude.
    And I am pleased to say that he has been booked in for pre-ops.

    I can’t describe how much this information made my day.