In the Wake of Zeek Rewards Collapse

Original Article from Lou Abbot of MLM The Whole Truth

The news behind the August 17th SEC closure of Zeek Rewards was the worst news for our industry that I have seen in my now 15 year career as a Network Marketing professional.

Let’s at least all learn some lessons from the events. I invite you to consider two new posts at the site:

Are network marketers really this dumb?
This is my rant – sure to offend some, so I apologize in advance – but this has been part of my mission for years now.

Ramblings Of A Tired Lawyer, or Where Have All The Products Gone?
An important legal lament from a prominent attorney specializing in our industry.

As always, I encourage you to post your helpful, respectful and thoughtful comments – even if they disagree with me – at the end of the posts.

The road to an improved profession is paved by first increasing knowledge of what’s good and what not in our industry.

Tried and True Sayings

Just because someone says it is legal does not make it legal.

Look before you leap.

Don’t get greedy.

A REAL Business

Review The Seven Pillars of Business to make sure the opportunity you are looking at is a real business with real products or services (and not something made up to make money) so it can really create passive income.