Politics CAN be Fun

Source: GetUp.org.au

Featuring Julia Gillard as James Bond, Tony Abbott as Bruce Willis and a cameo by Bob Brown, our hilarious action-hero enrolment video is going wild online and in the news.

Politics has never been so much fun – but there’s a serious message too. Incredibly, there are still 1.4 million Australians – especially young Australians – not enrolled to vote. Hundreds of thousands more may be unable to vote because they’ve moved house or changed their name since the last election.

Together, we can change that. Can you share this hilarious enrolment video with your friends and family? Check out the video below and share by email, Facebook and Twitter.



Many people don’t realise that when the election is called they may have until just 8pm that same day to enrol to vote, and just 3 days to update details like change of address. That’s why it’s so important that we get this video message out to young and old: enrol now or you’ll miss the action (plus you could be fined $110 for not enrolling).

Most of us have friends and family who think that politics is boring or worse yet, that they can’t make a difference. But GetUp is about putting people back into politics, and over the past 5 years you and 370,000 other GetUp members have proven that everyday Australians can make a difference.

We can’t guarantee politics will always be as exciting as an action-packed Hollywood blockbuster, but for at least the next 2 minutes and 23 seconds it can be!

Click here to see and share our enrolment video:


It’s Abbott and Gillard as you’ve never seen them before. See it. Share it. Together we’ll continue to shake up the status -quo in Australian politics and build a progressive Australia!

With hope,
The GetUp Team