Siimon Reynolds – 7 Most Valuable $500 Million Lessons

Source: The Fortune Institute

Siimon Reynolds was the ideas man behind the “Grim Reaper” AIDS adverts back in the 80’s.

He started his own advertising agency at the age of 23 and the company he started (Photon Group) is now worth over $500 million on the ASX.

Siimon brings it all together in this fantastic 60 minute webinar.


1) Decide to be a Great Entrepreneur

  • The Power of Decision
  • It’s not Harder to Aim High

2) Become a Master of Learning

  • The Talent Myth
  • What it takes to be Excellent

3) Think Scalable

  • Leveraged Products/Services
  • Leveraged Systems
  • Leveraged Knowledge

4) Business is 80% Sales

  • Spend 80% of your time in Sales
  • Nothing happens until someone buys
  • Sales Expertise is Learning
  • Double your sales by doubling your face to face meetings

5) Marketing is the Great Missed Opportunity

  • Doubling Sales is Easy
  • You Need a Marketing Parthenon
  • Learn 8 or 9  Marketing Strategies and implement 3 or 4 of them

6) Model the Greats

  • Use their Specialised Knowledge
  • Use their thinking Process

7) Action is a Science

  • Time is a Quasar
  • You can do 5 times what you are Achieving Now
  • Do Things in 10 Minute Bursts

8) The #1 Reason Why People Never Make It Big (bonus)

  • Nowhere to Learn Success
  • Learned from thousands of books and countless seminars


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Source: The Fortune Institute