Dangerous VOCs in the Home

If you live in Los Angeles, Detroit, Cairo, or Delhi, air pollution is an unavoidable factor in your overall health picture.

But if you live in Jackson Hole or Montpelier, or some other relatively pristine spot, believe it or not, air pollution is probably still a key health factor.

How can that be? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be as much as FIVE TIMES more polluted than outdoor air.

For example…

When researchers tested lung function and urine samples in more than 160 subjects over the age of 60 who were living at home, they linked impaired lung function with high urine levels of two volatile organic compounds (VOC): toluene and xylene.

VOCs are chemicals emitted as gasses. And many household products emit VOCs.

Toluene is a very common VOC used in fingernail polish, adhesives, paints, paint thinners, lacquers, and rubber.

Xylene is a toxic petroleum byproduct that’s used in many air fresheners. That’s right–air fresheners.

Xylene has also been associated with headaches and increased risk of cognitive impairment.

The solution? First, get rid of the air fresheners. They don’t “freshen” anything. Second, get rid of household products that contain VOCs. And if you can’t get rid of them, use them with great care (and a protective face mask).

You can read about other dangerous household VOCs in the e- Alert “Springtime Fresh (and Dangerous).”

From HSI Alert 26 April 2010

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