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Interphone Witnesses testified about research into cell phone use and its potential impact on human health, as well as the potential side effects such as brain cancer and salivary gland tumors. Source: Dr Magda Havas PhD Most people are not …

Cell Phones and Brain Cancer – The Interphone Study Read More »

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There is a Welcome to YouTube (confirmation) email going around that¬†sends people to a bogus site (http:// sonda. co. kr / index2.html ¬†– do not click it if you are unprotected) which has nothing to do with YouTube. Everything else …

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SAN FRANCISCO – Every cell phone sold in San Francisco could soon come with a label detailing the level of radiation you will be exposed to by using it and recommending a headset to avoid radiation exposure. If a proposal …

Law would require cell phone warnings Read More »

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