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Dr John Gray talks with Ron Reid on Alkalzed Water 100301-DrJohnGray-RonReid

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Approximately 17 cents out of every dollar is spent on healthcare (sickness care) and it’s growing every day. The statistics on the needs for health care are outrageous! 40% of western society is now considered overweight. And 40% of those …

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U.S. manufacturers, including major drug makers, have legally released at least 271 million pounds of pharmaceuticals into waterways that often provide drinking water — contamination the federal government has consistently overlooked, according to an Associated Press investigation. Hundreds of active …

Report: 271 Million Pounds of Pharmaceuticals Released Into US Waterways Read More »

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The 35-year-old federal law (USA) regulating tap water is so out of date that the water Americans drink can pose what scientists say are serious health risks — and still be legal. Only 91 contaminants are regulated by the Safe …

That Tap Water Is Legal but May Be Unhealthy Read More »

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