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Source: itNews Comment: Don’t fall for dodgy ‘support’ calls. On Friday I experienced first-hand the methods by which scammers are attempting to dupe Australians into paying for software to remotely “fix” computers that just ain’t broke. The call came through …

How the Microsoft/LogMeIn Support Scam Works Read More »

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By Renai LeMay, Delimiter.com.au on April 7th, 2010 Microsoft appears to have accidentally deleted six years of blog archives hosted on its free Windows Live Spaces platform belonging to Australian mobile technology evangelist Shane Williamson. “About 3 weeks ago my …

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In its rush to take on Facebook and Google Buzz, Microsoft is now collecting and displaying personal information on your Hotmail page — information you may never have wanted to broadcast. Exactly how it’s mining this information is something of …

Hotmail social networking busts your privacy Read More »

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