Windsurfing/Wavesailing Gear For Sale

windsurf-2015-11-01-00004After much deliberation I have decided to sell my trusty (as new) windsurfing gear. Because I am now a total convert to kitesurfing.

Do you, or anyone you know, want ultimate kit to windsurf in the waves or bump-and-jump?

It’s the same gear you will see me on, in my windsurfing page.

The Ultimate WaveSailing Kit

Excellent to unused (new) condition. Barely used (only 3 times in the last 2 years).

I windsurfed for 27 years and finally replaced everything with new gear. THEN I took up kitesurfing and am hooked!

IMG_1938Consequently I will not be using my trusty windsurfing gear anymore. So it has to go to a loving new home. ASAP.

If you bought new gear it would cost you over $5000.

I am selling it as a complete package for only $2000.

I WILL separate if necessary but you will get a bargain if you take the lot.

Pickup from Port Macquarie or I can ship anywhere in Australia at your cost.

Pay by cash, bank transfer or PayPal.

IMG_1946Summary and Prices

  • Board: Fanatic Quad TE 81 (2012), as new, no dings or repairs, just a few scratched decals on the bottom (see photo), with fins, straps and Fanatic padded board bag – $1200
  • Sail: Neil Pryde Firefly 5.3 m (2012) ex cond, 2 minor blemishes (see photos) – $250
  • Sail: Neil Pryde Combat Tour 4.7 m (2013) as new, never used – $300
  • Mast: Neil Pryde X30 400 SDM (2012) ex cond – $200
  • Mast: Neil Pryde X60 370 SDM (2013) as new, never used – $250
  • Boom & Lines: Neil Pryde 140-170 cm X30 – ex cond, solid, a few marks only – $200
  • Mast Base: New Boge joint, adjustable – $100
  • Other: 1 x Gaastra seat harness (S) – $20, 1 x Gaastra waist harness (S) – $20

Add them up. That’s over $2500 for only $2000!

IMG_1960The Board

  • Fanatic 2012 QUAD TE 81
  • Volume: 81 litres
  • Length: 227cm
  • Width: 56.5cm
  • Weight: 6.3kg
  • Technology: Carbon Kevlar Light TE
  • Fins: Choco G10, 2 x 9.5 cm, 2 x 14.5 cm
  • Slotbox: 13cm

Description: Rounded pintail built for the 4-fin concept gives ultimate, dragless traction from slab surf to slush. Early planing thanks to wide outline, smart volume flow and less tail kick and a flat power section between the straps. Streamlined Slot Box. Glass Double Sandwich. Unbeatable price/weight package. View on Fanatic Website

Review:  The Fanatic Quad is a great all-round wave board, it is comfortable and exciting to ride, fun to jump and it thrives in the waves, the bigger and faster the better.
Read Full Review

The Sails

IMG_1974 IMG_1975

IMG_1973 IMG_1981

There’s some small cosmetic repairs to the mylar on the 5.3 m Firefly. Does not affect sailing or rigging.

IMG_1978 IMG_1982

Masts & Boom

IMG_1950 IMG_1987


IMG_1952 IMG_1951 

IMG_1953 IMG_1969 

IMG_1991 IMG_1992

IMG_1971 IMG_1958

Glenn Speed Sailing Harrington Glenn-Windsurf-SWR-Jump-2



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